Champion Color Specialist Series Inkjet Cartridges
The Photochemical Specialists are pleased to introduce our new range of drop-in- replacement ink jet cartridges for HP* & Epson* Wide Format Printers.   The Champion Color Specialist Series (CSS) Inkjet Cartridges are the ideal drop in replacements and match the exacting color requirements of the original OEM inks.  The Champion CSS Inks can be introduced without any interruption to work flow or require additional media profiles - just "plug and play"!  Please note however, that when introducing the Champion inks on top of third party products it is recommended that you flush your system using Champion CSS Flushing Solution and use the original OEM profiles.  The Champion CSS Inks are engineered to the exacting standards of the HP and Epson products and therefore perform optimally with the original ink manufacturer's profiles.


The New Champion Color Specialist Series Inkjet Cartridges are designed to:

The NEW exciting range of Champion CSS Inks are available now for both HP and Epson Wide Format Dye and Pigmented Ink Printers. Please click below for additional information:

Contact your Champion Representative for more information on the NEW exciting range of Color Specialist Series Inkjet Cartridges.

*NOTE: Epson and HP are registered trademarks.